Advertising, branding, and an obsession for typography. Art direction provides the foundation for effective communication.


Creative thinking and problem-solving are what drives all my work. A strong concept can beat good aesthetic any time, any day.


Advertising design and direction, collateral design, front-end web/mobile, and print design (from newspapers to magazines to posters).



Want to see more work? Check my blog for progress shots, sketches, photos, and general happenings of my life.



Hi, I'm Elizabeth Perez, an award-winning art director and graphic designer. Creative thinking, branding, storytelling, and visual design are my passions. I believe in making smart work beautiful. It's easy to make something pretty, it's a real challenge to create something meaningful.

I'm passionate about solving problems, and the best way to do that is to stay sharp and learn constantly. I'm a recent graduate from The Austin Creative Department, a portfolio school for advertising and creative thinking. I'm a self-taught illustrator, which is helpful in a field that demands showing, not telling.

On the rare occasion that I'm away from my computer, I'm busy running, reading, or geocaching. Or a combination of the three.

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