Steal the Wheel Challenge

PDF booklet version of the case study coming soon.

Heavy chains. Removed wheels. Foyer storage. After seeing the lengths people will go to protect their bikes from theft, we at Nimbus Unicycles feel especially satisfied with the carefree feeling that comes from using a form of transportation that hardly anyone is able to ride. When we leave a unicycle leaning unlocked against a streetlamp, we know it’ll be there when we get back. Because it’s not like riding a bike – it’s way harder. To share our carefree feeling and to give the public a chance to test themselves, we created the Nimbus Steal the Wheel Challenge.

Marked unicycles were left unlocked in a public areas, daring passersby to try to ride them away. Not in the comfortable privacy of their driveways, but out in the open on public display. Those who fail must leave the unicycle where it falls, but the person who succeeds can keep it.

Client: The Austin Creative Department
Creative Director: Will Chau
Art Director: Elizabeth Perez
Copywriter: Jeanette Horn
Videographer: Brian Han
Video Editor: Matt Pichette

View behind-the-scenes pictures here.


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