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X-Train Fitness Rebrand

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X-Train Fitness doesn't consider themselves to be a conventional gym, but rather a "fitness community". Their demographic varies greatly; from ex-athletes to people past their prime who just want to get in shape. XTrain offers a variety of fitness classes, bootcamps, and even nutritional plans to its members. They often hold classes to help their members train for upcoming marathons together, which they then run together as a unit.

Solution & Branding Direction
The logo I designed serves as symbol of the customs and comradery that serve to bond X-Train members and X-Trainers together. X-Train is not just a gym, it’s a community; a unit of people working together toward a goal. The logo is a combination of an atypical military ranking chevron (^) and an X. Although inspired by military insignia, this symbol does not focus on the harsh aspects of a bootcamp, but rather the brotherhood, comradery, and support group of motivating people that comes from it.

Member Ranking System
Besides their bootcamp, X-Train offers prep classes and forms teams for upcoming marathon. Groups at marathons/races often wear matching shirts for unity; for example, Ironman triathletes go so far as to tattoo the Ironman logo to their calves to let their competitors know that they're veterans. The idea of giving X-Trainers and X-Train members their own badges fit right in, and creates a strong sense of comradery and unity seen only when going into battle (or a fitness class) together.

At the start of their membership, members meet with X-Trainers to discuss their fitness and health goals, and based on that, members can decide what personal goals they would like to achieve in order to move up a rank. There are four ranks.

Members can choose how they can earn each of their stripes- whether is be doing a hundred pushups, running their first marathon, or losing 15lbs. These challenges will be unique and personal to each member, and will help them keep their eye on the prize. These rankings also help build a strong, motivated support group amongst the members.

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Client: X-Train Fitness
Creative Director: Will Chau
Art Director: Elizabeth Perez


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