Italian article downsizedCorrect me if I'm wrong, but I believe ganzo translates to cool in Italian! A friendly Italian emailed that my Fahrenheit 451 book design and I were mentioned in an Italian newspaper, Sole24Ore. A big thanks to Francesco for alerting me about this and for willing to send me a copy in the mail! My work was also featured in the Chicago Tribune, but I have no clue when that published... Translation: Fahrenheit 451 never ends to fascinate, mostly because of the thick symbology it has. This cover isn't realized (maybe too much expensive), but it's a project of Elizabeth Perez, made for a design academy. The solution of the match and of the abrasive paper on the flange for rubbing is endearing. On the other hand, it must be remembered that, in the 60s, were made for this book some beautiful fireproof covers, that today are valued on the antiquarian market thousands dollars.


If you're ever in need of a new wardrobe or a set of coasters, just go to SXSW.

This was my first year of going, despite living in Austin for almost 6 years now. I was lucky enough to get a great haul of free stuff without a badge, because I stuck to free events, like design meet-ups and company parties. I can only imagine how much junk I'd have if I did have a badge. Aside from the Surface RT I won at the Dribbble Meet-up, my favorite piece has to be the limited-edition GSD&M poster. A big shout out to the many friendly faces I met, and to the friends who joined me.

Swag pictured above are from Mutual Mobile, Thirteen23, GSD&M, SXSW Create, Dribbble, and Microsoft.

SXSW 2013 Plans – See you there

SXSW 2013 Plans – See you there

This’ll be my first year actively participating at SXSW. I figured I’d share my SXSW plans in case anyone wants to meet up or just say “hi”. Most of the events listed are open to everyone. This’ll also be for my own reference, since I have the memory of a goldfish.

Spreading like Wildfire


My Fahrenheit 451 book design got insanely popular in a short amount of time. Many of you reading this post now were most likely brought to my site because of it, and I thank you for that. As of writing this post, it's reached over 900,000 views. This site has gotten over 25,000 hits this week alone, and I've been bombarded with hundreds of kind emails asking where the book can be purchased (it's not for sale because it's a concept design). Although I haven't had the time to respond to each email I've received, I've read each and every one of them and loved them all. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write to me.

It's been tremendously inspiring to see something that is not a cat video or a silly GIF get popular online. I'm so proud that something I put my sweat and tears into received so much recognition. This experience has been extremely motivating for me, and I hope I can create more work in the future that is as impactful and inspiring to others.

I made this piece during my time at The Austin Creative Department, and great ad/creativity school in Austin, TX.

Here are just a few of the sites that featured the book design:
The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Reddit, Gizmodo, Gizmodo Japan, imgur, CrackaJack, Mediabistro, Slow Robot, NOTCOT, Laughing Squid, Jessica J. Johnston, IdeaFixa, Flavorwire, Neatorama, and many, many more sites.

Bonus: Out of hundreds of wonderful message I've gotten about the book design and my other work, I only received one negative email. Which is shocking, considering that the internet is a notoriously mean place. Here's that email for your enjoyment!

Branding Book Shots

Some progress shots of a brand guide I developed for Rocket Fuel. I designed it to be casual, easy to reference, and pocket-sized.

2013 Austin ADDY’s

I'm excited to share that I've won an award at this year's Austin ADDY's, a creative advertising award show for in Austin, TX. I won't find out what won until the award show on February 28th. Fingers' crossed I take home gold! Admittedly, I'm nervous as hell- it's my first professional award show.

Frankly, I think anyone able to figure out the ADDY submission process should get an award by default.


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